This infant is pleading with his enormous fuzzy pal to take a bath with him

It’s adorable to see a tiny girl use all her persuasive powers to get her big dog into the tub. The cute Malamute, Phil, is exhausted after his gardening session.

His younger sister wasn’t home, so he went to her room to snooze. Phil’s mother isn’t too pleased, however, since he came home with muddy paws and wet, dirty fur.

So she suggests he take a bath, but he’s not too thrilled with the idea. After failing to persuade Phil, Phil’s parents decide to call their best friend and Phil’s future daughter, Amelia.

That’s when the cute banter starts. After being coached by her parents, the little girl approaches her pal and gently coaxes him into admitting that he wants a hot bath.

Little Amelia urged him to «Come on, buddy… come on, come on.» Oh, he’s sad. Treat him kindly and advise him to get in the tub.

The girl’s father suggested that they exchange ear kisses. The child tenderly pets and caresses her «four-legged companion,» but Phil remains unmoved.

Not even a little treat can win him over. After a herculean effort on the part of the rest of the household, Phil eventually makes it to the toilet.

Phil reluctantly climbs into the bath. Naturally, young Amelia also helps him clean his fur. Milo the fluff cat had to come see it too.

«I can’t believe it myself!» «After Amelia talked Phil into it, he jumped in the tub with her,» Amelia’s mother stated in the video’s description. This tiny child means the world to him.

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