This guy worked alone for 25 years to build a subterranean fairy-tale realm that will blow your mind

Ra Paulette, 67, a native of New Mexico, is a cave artist known for her breathtaking creations.

Using just a shovel, a pick, and a cart, he carves intricate designs into the sandstones of enormous tunnels and caverns he excavates every day.

Ra Paulette’s amazing success is a testament to her diligence and talent. When the job is done, the massive caverns are transformed into quaint settings.

In exchange for his efforts, Ra Paulette gets paid a sum of money that is mostly symbolic.

Paulette said in an interview that he did it only for kicks. More important to him than any material prize is the time he spends in the «museum» of the future.

Ra Paulette has built 14 caverns so far, and he plans to build a total of 15.

Paulette claims that the cave he is now working on will be his biggest ever. For almost a decade, he has been chipping away at the walls of his most recent masterpiece.This site ought to be significant to me,» says Ra Paulette.

After the first job went well, Ra Paulette started getting requests for more. In spite of this, he turned down every single one of them since he was not prepared to take the consumers’ requests seriously.

Paulette argues that the need for motivation is constant in the economic world.

Furthermore, Ra is well recognized outside Egypt. The Cave Digger, a biopic on him, was nominated for an Academy Award in 2013.

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