This fluffy hen likes to have her tummy stroked just as much as a dog

Pets get emotional and physical benefits from their owners’ enthusiastic tummy rubs. There’s a lot more beyond that.

For the sake of argument, let’s imagine a baby animal is comfortable enough with you to expose its belly. Having the trust or surrender of a child.

You’ve undoubtedly come across a few pets that like a nice belly rub from their owners. A while ago, a young lady was enjoying a belly massage very much. Even as an infant, the bird displayed symptoms of gleeful behavior.

Youngster struggled at first to free herself from her mother’s hand. This piqued the juvenile bird’s curiosity, and it soon want to run about freely in an open field.

However, the kind woman handled the baby chick carefully in her hands. The infant was too little to be handled hard, and she didn’t want to inflict any harm. She used a finger to stroke the infant’s stomach softly.

Stimulating the area of the brain responsible for pleasure perception, a belly massage makes animals happy.

Pets and other animals often go out of their way to please their human caregivers because they have learned to trust people.

And so they let their masters touch them where they’re most defenseless.

The hen enjoyed being petted in this intimate way since it demonstrated the chick’s confidence in and familiarity with the mother.

The lady’s obvious affection for her pet was evident in the way she doted on the small one.

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