This feline, with his crooked legs and adorable ears, like cuddling with the people who take good care of him

A little kitten with bear ears and unsteady front legs wandered into the shelter in the early days of January in quest of a forever home.

Melania and her husband spent their time volunteering at the shelter helping a cute kitten they called «Kiwi,» who was immediately taken in by her new family.

Every day, Kiwi began going to physical therapy for his legs in an effort to get them back in shape. A warm compress has been placed on his wrists by the volunteers.

As a last resort, the joints are massaged and stretched so that the tendons may be loosened.

Kiwi, who has shown remarkable courage in the face of these challenges and doesn’t seem to feel she is any different, will undergo weekly braces to aid with her range of motion.

Throughout Cherry’s whole life, Melania and her husband have taken care of him.

In a role as a caring big brother, Cherry kept the youngster neat and clean while catering to all of his needs at all times.

That we’re all perfect in our own ways is shown by this cat.

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