This cat looks like an actual version of a popular cartoon character; it’s that cute

A cat’s photogenic abilities have led to widespread recognition on the web. The iconic cartoon features a cat that seems to be clutching a pair of peas.

The owner said that when they first brought the cat home from the shelter, he was a timid kitten that was afraid to approach new people.

After some time with them, the pet got bolder and approached everybody who wanted to touch him.

To paraphrase the man, «We reassured him that everything is good.» The cat’s owners promptly created an Instagram account to showcase their pet’s adorable antics.

The cat became viral when a picture was taken of him mimicking the iconic expression of the figure he was meant to represent.

Over one hundred thousand Facebook users have expressed their admiration of the cat. A new entry means a fresh round of gushing about how great he is.

The look of the cat is unmistakable. The cat’s owners say he is quite sociable and loves being in close proximity to humans.

To what extent do you agree or disagree? Is there a resemblance between the cat and the cartoon character, in your opinion? Tell us in the feedback section.

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