This 150-kilogram woman is wearing winter clothes in the middle of July, and it’s giving everyone the creeps

US-based plus-size model Alia Rogers has achieved widespread recognition.

Alia has been producing content for social media with almost overnight success since 2018, despite the fact that she weighs over 150 kg.

Using her platform to promote body positivity and self-love, the actress was able to attract the attention of major corporations and initiatives.

They quickly became the focus of articles and were offered jobs, which they enthusiastically accepted.

With a white bra and brown top shorts that didn’t barely reach her hips, Alia showed how she wore a blue denim skirt with a pink pattern T-shirt and a bright yellow trench coat.

Users’ hearts stopped with this terrifying scene. Alia’s positive outlook on her physique has been criticized, and she has been told she must lose weight quickly to avoid serious health concerns.

«Aaliyah quickly changes into a ball,» «Difficult to move,» «Poor skirt, how did she not burst,» and «Call an ambulance» are all phrases that describe Aaliyah’s condition.

«She may die like this,» «Why did I see this tragedy,» «I’m bored of her forms,» and «Is it still deemed pretty» were among the comments made by online users.

Alia hasn’t learned her lesson, as she often posts photos of herself on social media wearing very revealing outfits that show off her «winning» areas.

Rogers raises her own self-esteem by doing so, and she also hopes to inspire her fans to appreciate and celebrate their own bodies in the same way.

This blogger thinks she’s doing a good deed, even if it means sacrificing her health.

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