These mysterious sculptures are a great addition to the stunning Finnish scenery

Keep your eyes peeled if your next trip takes you wandering through the Finnish forests; you never know what kind of things you could find there.

Kim Simonsson, an artist, has produced ceramic sculptures that provide a lovely aesthetic touch to their environments.

The children’s sculptures from Nordic fairy tales and folklore may seem weak due to the moss that has grown on them, but they are really rather sturdy.

The Finnish artist who created them did it by hand, painting and coating each one with nylon strands to make it seem like lichen.

The artist’s creativity runs free in Moss People, bringing strange and beautiful characters to life.

This allows us to make out numerous intriguing and sad figures, such as a little girl with a flower crown who is sleeping cozily on a rock and a young warrior who seems like he stepped out of the land of Zelda.

We invite you to investigate the artist Kim Simonsson’s porcelain sculptures, which have a mossy finish on the outside. Visit his website or Instagram to find out more about him.

Check out Gabi Rizea’s stunning chainsaw sculptures and Debra Bernier’s poetic driftwood creations if you like this kind of artistic expression.

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