These identical twin girls were surgically separated when they were four years old

Both Kendra and Maria Herrin were born to Jake and Erin in February of 2002. Siamese twins elicited conflicting feelings from the general public.

His parents are thrilled and worried about his becoming an adult.

Both Kendra and Maria are equipped with two legs but are forced to utilize just one. However, the females quickly developed cooperative skills that allowed them to move and play.

In 2006, Kendra and Maria became minor celebrities after undergoing Siamese Separation Surgery, which was performed by a team of 31 physicians and took more than a day.

The daughters were just four when their parents divorced. They’ve been on their own ever since.

Adjusting to their new life was challenging, but the sisters accomplished so quickly: after three years, they began going to school, sometimes alternating with home schooling.

As a group, the sisters improved their creative skills. At times, they’d spend hours alone in their room, humming and doodling to their favorite tracks.

Regularly, Kendra and Maria have shown to their peers that hopelessness is an illusion.

That’s why everyone looks up to them and wants to help them out; they’ve earned the title of «school heroes.»

Both Kendra and Maria may say that they are living successful lives at this point. They’re willing to go to great lengths to be together, yet they like to be close to familiar sights and sounds.

They are licensed drivers with good skills behind the wheel.

Kelly and Carter, the parents of the conjoined twins, are good friends of the Herrins. As a result of their life experiences, they may be able to provide counsel and advise to their children.

Kelly and Carter are thinking about divorce, even though their parents haven’t made up their minds yet. Do you believe conjoined twins should be separated?

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