These beautiful 25-year-old identical twins were born with naturally distinct skin tones

Since it is common knowledge that twins have a striking resemblance in appearance, we readily attribute this similarity to a shared biological origin.

It’s conceivable that they wouldn’t resemble each other at all as infants, but that as time went on, they’d begin to show signs of siblingship.

However, there are times when nature may really amaze.

Because of the unusual situation involving these non-related twins, the girls made sure to have copies of their birth certificates on hand at all times.

Their parents were completely unprepared for the birth of their twins. Indeed, there was a great gulf between the two.

It is a curious statistic that the chances of having racially mixed twins is one in 500. It would seem that the sisters are unique.

There are additional children in the family besides the twins, but they all have their mother’s dark skin tone. Luna is the only child who does not inherit her parents’ pale skin tone.

The sisters, like most siblings, are quite unlike to one another.

The ladies do discover a commonality, though: they both have naturally curly hair.

Luna despises these meteor showers, yet she can’t help but arrange them in order.  The sisters are still very close to one another despite their differences.

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