These artist-decorated orthopedic helmets bring smiles to the faces of ailing kids and onlookers alike

All across the globe, people suffer from a wide variety of different ailments. In addition, every illness comes with its own set of challenges and setbacks, particularly for the sufferers themselves.

Orthopedic helmets should be worn at all times by those who have had their skull shape altered. Baby helmets like this are made with their delicate skulls in mind.

These helmets are scary in their raw form. Accidents involving the parents of children wearing these helmets occur when bystanders have a negative response to them.

The parents of this youngster have noticed that strangers avoid looking at him or, more often, rush by him.

One young American artist’s decision to use her talents to benefit kids and their families is inspiring. She decorates them with whimsical patterns, cartoon figures, and even copies of great artworks.

Kids and adults alike are amused beyond belief by these illustrations.

His parents have also received many comments and expressions of curiosity over his usage of the headpiece, which they find to be rather novel.

For a friend’s daughter, Paula Stron painted her first helmet. Sooner or later, this tiny girl will start using her helmet.

The doctor was so delighted with the child’s painted helmet that he requested the artist for some business cards to give to potential future customers. Ever since then, Paula hasn’t had a single day off.

She ventured out on her own to market karate and other corrective arts helmets to the public.

Over the course of many years, Paula has decorated well over a thousand baby helmets. Bear in mind that there are examples for both sexes to follow.

Paula finds it fascinating that each of her painted helmets becomes a little piece of art.

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