There is a caring heart at an animal sanctuary for the donkey who was abandoned by his mother

When he was only a few days old, this donkey’s mother abandoned him. The infant, on the other hand, was greeted with a grin from happiness.

She cared for him with kindness and affection even though she hadn’t given birth to him. He ultimately discovered her.

The donkey sanctuary received Bean’s mother when she was already nine months pregnant. The donkey had just a few months to prepare for motherhood, but she was absolutely unprepared.

A lack of maternal instinct was apparent despite all attempts made by the professionals to help the mother donkey.

She also abandoned her colt very soon after it was born. In spite of the shelter’s best attempts, the donkey refused to let her foal to come near to her, according to the shelter workers.

In spite of this, the shelter’s committed staff worked tirelessly to retain the small donkey at the facility.

While his mother was gone, Bean met another donkey at the shelter named Jiggle.

We were all pleased when we learned that Bean had finally found a loving mommy. After everything he’s gone through, this cute little guy deserves it.

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