There is a bull snake moving over a terrace in Dorset

It was at this moment that Leo saw the reptile sprawled over his deck after hearing a murmur.

Helen, his soul partner, returned after fetching his phone so he could record the monster.

To ensure the safety of their five-year-old son Alfie and pet dog, they sent out an appeal on the internet before learning more about what it was.

The snake was on top of the decking when Helena returned and then slithered back down the stairs.

When I learned there was a snake in my nursery, I couldn’t rest.’ Because we had a dog and a child, we were unable to let them out.’

Fortunately, a local snake expert agreed to come over and confirm that it was, in fact, a snake. «They discovered it towards the rear beneath a cover,» Helena said.

This snake was safely returned to its home after it was captured.

It has been accepted that the bull snake, a well-known tracker near the United States, has somehow strayed from its natural habitat. Due to their pulsating tail, they are sometimes mistaken for poisonous snakes.

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