The wedding had to be postponed so that the couple could take in a stray cat

You’ll have a warm and fuzzy feeling all over after reading this story, which is one of the most inspiring accounts of people going to great lengths to save a helpless animal.

One may find several examples of humans going out of their way to help a helpless animal. A young couple decided to put off their wedding in order to protect a stray cat.

Nikita and her fiance were over the moon that their fairytale wedding was finally coming true. Believe my story that they dropped everything to follow their heart and be with the little stray cat they rescued in Dubai.

When they noticed a cat, they had to pause their stroll down the coast so that they could touch it.

After the couple decided to help by giving him food and water, they attempted to call a nearby rescue organisation in the vain hope that they would take him in.

Nika and her fiancé’s choice to have a cat was a lot more expensive than they had imagined.

They had to decide whether to keep the wedding as scheduled or keep this adorable kitty as a wedding gift.

Their swift action in selecting the cat and bringing him inside was the correct choice. Nikita and he had been asking for permission to bring the cat home for three months before they were finally granted it.

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