The spotted elephants sanctuary mates were pleased to see him at last

There’s a reason why humans have been fascinated by animals for centuries: they have their own strange and mysterious charm.

The sanctuary’s elephants rallied to save the blind elephant, and the respect they showed him led to a large following.

Ploy Thong has been the main attraction of the circus for the last three decades. Every day, she would carry tourists around Bangkok on her shoulder so they could get a glimpse of the city without their knowing it.

The elephant, although being blind, served as a cab from morning till night. Ploy hid the kid inside the contents of her purse.

The volunteers at the Save Elephant Foundation worked tirelessly to clear her name of any criminal history, and they were ultimately successful.

Moving to the Elephant Nature Park marked the beginning of a new phase in her life.Seeing how the elephants have taken care of Ploy and accepted him is a remarkable sight.

When the elephant realized that her new friends loved and hugged her despite her limitations, her mood brightened.

As a gesture of solace and sorrow, they reached out to touch her bags.

Ploy, a man who had never known the comfort of friendship, was profoundly affected by the elephants’ welcoming approach.

The blind elephant sighed with satisfaction as she realized she was in good care.

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