The sisters who spent $300,000 on cosmetic operations were quite pleased with the outcomes

Famous in Japan for their commitment to perfecting the art of cosmetic surgery, Chie and Chika Yoshikawa are the Yoshikawa sisters everyone dreams of looking like.

The Yoshikawa sisters Chie and Chika have become famous in Japan for their seemingly endless pursuit of the «perfect beauty» via the use of cosmetic surgery.

Their web photo galleries demonstrate striking changes to their eyes, noses, and general face shape.

They estimate that they have spent over 40,000,000 JPY between them on cosmetic procedures. Examples include injectable fillers, facelifts, and operations on the nose and eyelids.

Despite having to endure a great deal of discomfort and rest at the moment, the twins have no regret.

Chie and Chika attribute their early interest in cosmetic surgery to the pressure they felt to conform to others’ expectations of their appearance when they were young.

As a result, everyone examined each of the sisters for any unique quality that would help them choose the right one.

They had reached the point where they cared about their appearance and concluded that surgery was the best way to go.

Chie and Chika were extremely similar before they each had cosmetic surgery, but today they appear completely different from one another.

It was for this reason that she was always experimenting with her look. The young woman had five surgeries in rapid succession before she accepted that she might disappoint some people.

Subsequently, liposuction of the mouth’s lateral corners has emerged as a cutting-edge procedure for women interested in aesthetic enhancement. They even had the fat in their cheeks removed.

The twins feel that cosmetic surgery has enhanced their quality of life, albeit admitting that they may have overdone it.

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