The puppy gets worn out after going to the groomer, which is a good thing

After discovering that her pet had been locked in a «drying cage» in a salon, an upset dog owner in Scotland has made a request to take control of the country’s creature preparation sector.

In May of 2021, Harry, a 9-month-old cockapoo, experienced a gastric breakdown at a prominent salon after spending thirty minutes in a drying cage.

He was transferred to the clinic known as Vets Now in Glasgow; nevertheless, complications finally led to his death on May 8th.

The dog did not pass away as a result of heat stroke as Lisa O’Neill claims; rather, she believes he «endured severely» inside the drying container and sought to escape, which is what caused him to pass away in the end.

It was impossible for him to live when his digestive system completely shut down.

On the other hand, he has shown support for initiatives that would strengthen industry supervision.

«It’s surprising how many dog owners know nothing about container drying, abandon their canine, and have no clue if they’re confining them or not,» she said.

It really blows my mind how few people understand the importance of container drying when it comes to their dogs.

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