The proprietor used the cat in the library to entice customers into making a purchase

Bellefonte, Pennsylvania’s Center County Library contains a wide variety of books for both adults and kids.

But one library stands out from the others because of an unexpected representative who works there: a charming red cat called Horatio.

Horatio’s unique function is to attract new library users and encourage a deeper appreciation for quality craftsmanship.

Lisa Shaffer, a social worker and cat owner, often dresses up her cats like celebrities from the worlds of movies and music.

However, eventually, the woman began creating clothes for the animal, which not only comprised clothing and accessories, but even hairpieces.

The cat is utterly mind-boggling in every single one of its photographs. Curious, but very comfortable in clothing and hair accessories, this cat loves picture sessions.

Horatio puts forth a lot of effort, and it shows: his photos consistently get the most likes.

Nevertheless, this isn’t the way things usually go. Nobody has a chance against a red down dressed in a little suit.

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