The pregnant kitten opted to enter the warm entryway. Her life was permanently affected

Anya lost her pet cat a few years ago. She and her husband thought they certainly needed another cat and opted to adopt her from the shelter.

She went to the shelter’s Facebook page and picked the kitten Mina from there.

Volunteers located her at the door to one of the buildings, where she had gone to warm up.

It was enough to glance at her to understand she was at home and left when they found the pregnancy.

The cat was transferred to the shelter after numerous processes, where her picture and video were recorded, and her family promptly came to take her home. So Mina, the cat, got a new home.

Furthermore, it is amazing that Mina did not take time to acclimate. She instantly started behaving as though she had been here her whole life, embracing the owners.

She proceeded to proudly and confidently wander about the new apartment and show satisfaction by purring, and it looked from the outside that Mina was pleased to be at home.

And we are pleased that this magnificent kitty has found such a loving home.

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