The owners left their cat at home for a month while they traveled for work, and when they returned, there were five other cats living there

Leaving their cat behind, the family decided to spend a few days away on business and move out of their second home.

However, when entering the main chamber, they found that up to five feline residents had made themselves at home.

The story was told by a guy whose cat Luy had, by coincidence, spent a month living like Robinson Crusoe.

One month later, when they opened the door, their pet looked and seemed fine.

Unbeknownst to them, there were four cats loose in the home. It became clear that Luy was an exceptionally astute cat.

After a few days, he found a large bag of his food on the kitchen floor, suggesting that he had discarded it there.

This allowed him to get nourishment. Also, the owners neglected to shut the window. Naturally, the cat used this opportunity to explore the outside and return.

There looks to be a new window that allows more cats to enter.

Luy, apparently eager, made the call to fill in while the owners were out of town.

It goes without saying that cats need shelter, but five pets at once is pushing it.

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