The oldest dog at the shelter writes to Santa Claus, pleading for adoption

Lucy, the oldest animal in the Pennsylvania SPCA’s care, is expected to find a permanent home before the end of the year. When she wrote the letter to Santa, she had been at the shelter for about a year.

Lucy has gained the title of «Queen Lucy» at the shelter due to the adulation she gets. She loves nothing more than to share a warm embrace with her family and friends and radiates kindness and optimism.

The PSPCA staff collectively wrote:

Overwhelming happiness comes from being in her presence. Since May of this year, both Bella and Lucy have been registered with the PSPCA. At the shelter, she is well-connected socially.

Lucy’s rescuers say she spends her free time reading, going on hikes, and swimming. She enjoys playing dress up and interacting with her animals.


Since cats’ only purpose in life is to kill little creatures, Lucy has no right to feel compassion for kittens or any other kind of young animal.

Lucy needs an adoptive who is understanding of her possible aversion to males. If you are interested in meeting or adopting Lucy, please contact her «friend» Nicole through email.

Lucy’s full letter to the guy with the red sweater is as follows:

Lucy, Her Majesty An astounding number of ER patients that required an overnight stay: over 900. Despite my zeal for the church, I am capable of governing a small nation. Here are the methods I use to maintain authority:

There can’t be too little space for my behind and another human being. Garden-based. The cutest thing ever happened when they all came up to me to kiss my royal paw.

They have to be 18 or older to join my new empire.Having a little dog wouldn’t bother me at all. Being in the same room with a cat makes me really uncomfortable.

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