The best present ever given to a stray dog that was only given months to live comes from the person who saved him

When Moose enters a room, everyone gets an instant dose of sunshine from his infectious grin.

The former stray’s optimistic disposition saw him through many difficult times, and he never gave up hope that things would turn out for the better.

We found Moose, but he ran away when he saw us, as Natura put it. «Someone pointed out a place where Moose resided when we were trying to catch him, so we went to chat with that inhabitant,»

For eight years, she had been his primary source of nutrition. After examining him closely, we discovered that he suffered from heartworm illness.

The doctor gave Moose a prognosis of three to twelve months to live, but he was determined to stick around thanks to the love and care of his new owners.

According to Natura, «he has been in recovery for a few of months now» and «he must go to the vet regularly.» At this time, «cancer symptoms are nonexistent.

» Wow, he’s really coming along! Moose will keep getting therapy for his other health problems. He’s a constant source of encouragement that life goes on and that things can get better.

There are several things we may learn from his ability to overcome adversity while remaining upbeat. He gives our lives purpose.

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