The moment a stray cat is taken in, it bonds with the person who saved it and chooses to remain with them

A cat mother left her youngster outside in the freezing weather. She was taken right away to an animal shelter where she would be well taken care of.

The shelter’s personnel were able to stabilize her condition, but she still required specialist care.

They contacted the shelter and asked for help. We kept her warm even after we got here. Her eyes were shut tight.

The plight of the small cat inspired the rescuers, who made quick work of getting him some help.

Foster caregiver and rescue facility volunteer Maria brought the cat home and started bottle feeding it.

In little time at all, the cute cat was sucking on the bottle and seemed content to be reared by her human caretaker.

She was always hungry, so she demanded her bottle every hour. She seemed unable to stop gaining weight.Loui, the foster kitty, was happy and healthy, but she longed for a sibling.

Cute Loui always made an effort to blend in with the other cats in her foster home by slinking among them and freely roaming about.

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