The Maine Coon cat of a deaf sailor serves as an extra set of ears for him when at sea

He was only four months old when his owner, an experienced sailor, took him sailing along the coast of New Zealand.

Paul’s travel companion was Scatty, a RebelPawz dog.Maine Coon is also a good friend to his owner.Because Paul is hard of hearing, the cat is an invaluable ally in helping him find his way about and pick up on sounds.

Paul says that his ears are «scatty.» When another boat approached, a tap on the dock door, or a text message came to my phone, he immediately realized I couldn’t hear anything and gave me indicators.

– In his presence, I can see the world in a new light.

When you have a cat on board, you slow down. When everyone else around you is hurrying, this might be useful. To him, these excursions were routine and he would be surprised to discover that some cats are afraid of the water.

When Paul Thompson’s book is released, he believes that many sailors will want to bring their cats along for the ride.

Both the cat and the owner will benefit from this, since cats are great companions and sometimes get bored at home or in a shelter while their people are swimming.

Never put a cat in a bad situation while taking him out on the water. This is the only route, no matter how long it takes. He publishes updates on Facebook and Instagram for Scatty.

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