The hospital adoption agency contacted the couple two weeks later to let them know they had triplets to adopt

The couple wanted a child very much. The couple ultimately decided to adopt in order to have a family. Sarah and Andy couldn’t afford surrogacy or IVF.

They found a willing mother, completed all the preparations, and then found out she was carrying triplets.

They seemed unconcerned by the idea that they were being monitored. Everyone agreed, «That’s incredible.»Joseph, Hannah, and Elizabeth were all born early and in good health.

During their two months in the hospital, Sarah had several medical exams. The doctors informed her of the positive news.

A voice told her, «You are pregnant,» and it seemed like a dream.

Over time, she was granted yet another fortunate break. Sarah was now expecting twins. Babies were born in 2013; it was a twin pregnancy.

It’s true, amazingly enough. «We’ve always wanted kids, and now we have five!» she shouts happily.

But good fortune didn’t stop there. A boy called Caleb was born in 2016.

Sarah says, «I guess that just goes to show that when you want something badly enough, you’re certain to get it.»

The family has expanded, and they are now caring for and nurturing six little ones. And they would never give up such incredible goods.

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