The goth girl was eager to demonstrate how different she would have looked if she had worn more regular clothing and applied more traditional makeup

These days, people go to great lengths to project an upbeat attitude. A young woman named Erina is one of very few people who still favors Gothic aesthetics.

Being a curious experimenter who didn’t want to flub the opportunity, she quickly accepted.The girl favored the goth aesthetic since it allowed her to better fit in with her peers.

Normal people tend to have somewhat uninteresting lives and reside in unremarkable communities. About three hours a day are devoted to playtime for me.

Erina has zero interest in changing her appearance to blend in.

The girl wanted to surprise her sister and her boyfriend, so she decided to experiment with her appearance.

She decided to go with an option that the stylists provided to her for her gender reassignment surgery. The use of cosmetics and a skilled haircut worked wonders for this shot.

Concerned relatives noticed a pattern on the social media platform Instagram. The girl’s transformation surprised both her family and her friends.

She said that Erina was only a Barbie doll after her sister’s boyfriend took her stuff.

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