The family’s cave was the subject of ridicule from the neighborhood, who paid them a visit and were left dumbfounded

There is no need to dwell in a cave anymore since the era of cave dwellings has long since gone and modern housing options have become the norm.

There are many that aren’t happy with the way things are, as shown by Angelo Mastropietro. Journalists used the term «caveman» after this guy’s tale made headlines.

The city life never brought any joy to the young guy.

Angelo always imagined himself living in the countryside, surrounded by breathtaking scenery and free from the suffocating pollution of the city.

His ambition was fulfilled even before he reached adulthood. Angelo recalled the cave he used to play in as a kid as he was wandering about his boyhood haunts. A human family really lived in this cave as recently as the 1920s or 1930s.

After the sale of the home was finalized, the new buyer promptly signed up for the service.

The restoration cost more than £175,000 to complete. The family’s subterranean dwelling was a source of amusement for the neighborhood kids. They were stunned when they finally made the trip there.

The guy constructed the kitchen and crafted all of the furnishings himself. The house was warmed by a fireplace.

Very little has changed to the outside of the cave except for the addition of huge windows for natural light and a patio.Angelo Mastropietro received a visit from reporters after he gained unexpected recognition.

The guy gave a brief interview while showing us around: «I appreciate such complicated work. To be honest, here is where I should be, considering my surname literally translates to «stone owner.»

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