The dog, who had never known love or attention, cried when he was eventually taken in

Author claims that a stray dog cried when he discovered that he was being watched for the first time.

Let me introduce you to Bongu. He was just nine months old when he endured the awful events that would shape his life. One of his former owners had him as a pet at first.

The child’s condition worsened due to sickness, and this person ceased caring for him after a while. The baby is sick and isn’t getting enough to eat.

Even though he moved to a different place, he left Bonggu behind. Bonggu was restrained with a heavy chain and left on the porch.

When the gate is closed, it is totally locked and bolted. He hasn’t been able to stop crying for the last several days.

Bonggu’s cries for help were unanswered until an elderly woman discovered him. The grandma, all of 90 years of age, tried to help the kid out.

When the first blanket was put on the baby to keep him warm, he cried.

But maybe some gratifying slashes The young girl has been living with a kind old woman for the last two weeks.

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