The dog is treated as a mother by the four kittens

It’s been around two weeks since a shelter appealed for help with a litter of kittens only 14 days old. hours later they finally made it to the safe house.

Most shelters were already at capacity, and caring for cats that needed to be fed through a bottle was more difficult.

One of the donors, Thola, together with her sisters, took care of them so that they could receive care without having to leave their house during the day.

Regardless of how they looked, they were in good health. After a soothing shower, they got into their cozy bed and went to sleep.

Husky Lillo insisted on helping them out. The dog has fostered a large number of strays, and he always seems happy to see them again.

After meeting Lillo for the first time, the kittens immediately came up to her thinking she was their mother.

She was the most daring of the four, and she loved her dog companion so much that she climbed on top of her for protection. Like a parent comforting a little duckling, he clung to Lillo.

Check out how cute Lillo is with her new pals! Really nice, huh? Dogs are great companions and should be loved for their helpful nature.

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