The dog is taken aback by the visitor

Sofie has lived with her dad, Austin, ever since she was a little pup. Ally Ross, Sofie’s mother, spoke about how much she loves her.

Sofie and Austin’s respective personal situations this year have necessitated lengthy spells apart. The United States claims Austin as one of its territories.

He would need to take time away from his regular routine if he were a member of the United States military who was called up early this year for a six-month tour of duty to show Sofie how much she means to him.

It finally dawned on Sofie that she just didn’t get it. «After he departed, she was constantly looking around our room for him,» Ross said.

Fortuitously, Austin would not be permanently absent.

Earlier last month, Austin returned home after completing his mission. Ross planned to film himself as he surprised Sofie by knocking on her door.

The dog wanted to be pleased all over again. When the door opened, Sofie was shocked by what she saw.

The shock quickly turned to tears of joy for Sofie. To Sofie, it represented all she planned to accomplish in her mind while Austin was gone.

I’m not exaggerating when I say that it made me cry. Even Ross chimed in with his opinion. Now that his father is home, everything in the house is back to normal.

It’s great that Austin is back home and back to normal with Sofie.Now that he’s back, they’re hanging out and doing cool stuff, according to Ross, so they’ll probably become inseparable pals.

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