The dog has taken the place of the kittens’ biological mother, thus there are no further offspring

Two abandoned kittens were discovered wandering the streets of New York. Because of their mother’s abandonment, the kids were in in need of affection and care.

The sound of their shriek triggered the dog’s mother instincts for the first time.

Thankfully, they were looked after by an excellent caretaker called Asa.

The girl’s pet dog at home was a sweetheart called Kona. After hearing the kittens in the home scream, Kona immediately went to soothe them.

In her company, her brother and sister, affectionately known as Chester and Blair, have matured into more self-assured, serene people.

Kona provided all of the kittens’ needed mother warmth.

She knew what to do since she «knew» that two were terrified of everything and were acting distant.

She explains, «The kittens have been with us for six weeks, and although they are still terrified of me, they are relaxed and content when they are with Kona.

Actually, this isn’t the first time Kona has shown concern for infants. Kona has regained a lot of weight since her owner had overexposed the animals for years.

This dog has a huge heart and wants to help all the kids she can.

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