The dog had given up hope that anybody would ever like her and kept her head down until she met her new family

Still grieving the death of their beloved dog Bailey, Tricia Carter and her family have been unable to go on with their lives.

Everyone agreed that there was no other animal in the world that could take her place as a pet. But Tricia’s buddy managed to send her photos of the prettiest puppy, a fascinating mix of bulldog and pit bull.

Moreover, she had a striking resemblance to Bailey. She reasoned that it was likely that her family would support her adoption of a dog from the municipal shelter.

The woman’s buddy was spot on. The picture of the animal evoked strong emotions in all members of the household.

Later that day, Tricia had already arrived at the homeless shelter.

The dog’s background is mostly unknown. Surely, she was put to use for reproduction, and when she became unable to have children, she was abandoned.

Lola is the name of the adorable puppy, but by the time she met Tricia, she looked dejected, as if she had accepted the fact that nobody wanted her longer.

As it turned out, the dog was borrowed by prospective owners and then returned. Even though Tricia knew she should give this dog a chance, the fact that he got along with her kid was the most crucial consideration.

As soon as she brought her kid to the shelter, Lola’s droopy, life-weary demeanor transformed drastically. One might almost get the impression that the dog had been waiting for him for a very long time.

She broke into a bright grin that hasn’t left her face yet.The dog and the kid hit it off from the get-go, and soon she was everyone’s favorite member of the family.

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