The dog and ferret hit it off immediately, and they now spend all their free time frolicking and playing together

Diana, a devoted animal lover, was finally able to adopt a puppy and a ferret. A dog was the first of several pets they eventually acquired.

Throughout her lessons, she showed her several different kinds of exotic creatures. Dogs and ferrets commonly share shelters as puppies and kittens, so the young girl had to choose the cuter of the two.

The ferret arrived safely in Krakow.

According to the lady, everything went well during their initial encounter. When Doggie saw this mysterious new guy, he started to become curious. In his pursuit of her, he took several deep breaths of the strange air.

In Diana’s words, «the fun began» when he started playing with the puppy after she had ignored it for two days.

Diana continues, «They seem so much alike that I’m beginning to doubt there are really two dogs here.» Even yet, the dog does not act as the alpha in this partnership.

The ferret, surprisingly, plays a major part in the development of their romantic bond.

The shepherd’s nose was scarred by the ferret during the celebrations, but she took it all in stride.

The dog takes great care of the baby, keeping a close eye on him at all times and making sure he is safe.

The two of them must be best friends.

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