The courageous cat has formed such a strong relationship with his giant dog family that he has begun to mimic their behavior

The family cat, Lincoln, has acquired several canine companions, all of whom are rather large. Concurrently, he found himself empathizing with them.

Jill Whitlow was worried about how her three dogs would react when she brought a kitten into the family.

On the other side, Lincoln became fast friends with the giant four-legged animals, who fell in love with him and immediately started giving him with care.

The cat reacted similarly to this treatment and started fantasizing that he was a huge dog.

Every day, he must accomplish tasks like walking on a leash, eating from a huge bowl, and following directions in order to receive delectable treats.

Lincoln quickly came to believe that he was the group’s de facto leader.

There was never a hint of fear or nervousness in his demeanor.

Even though he’s barely 3 pounds, Jill Whitlow claims that her cat plays with dogs as if he were one of them.

Many people are amazed and taken aback when they see Abraham Lincoln strolling down the street with a pack of dogs.

In spite of their menacing look, Great Danes are «extremely friendly and loving creatures, getting along well with both humans and other animals,» as Whitlow puts it.

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