The community came together to help repair up the home of an elderly neighbor, and the results are impressive

In order to maintain the state’s highways in a sanitary condition, it is the legal responsibility of every New Jersey citizen to keep their houses and yards in order.

But not everyone can achieve such perfection. Simple tasks like painting and mowing the yard need time and money, and not everyone has either.

Educator Ann Glancy wasn’t the only one of retirement age who struggled to maintain her home and garden. Beyond the paint flaking off, the area seemed deserted.

The woman’s little pension won’t even cover her most basic expenses. The lack of funds prevented her from giving the home and land the attention they needed.

They did such a good job fixing up an old neighbor’s home that nobody can even recognize it now.He has no one to turn to for support. She does not have any children of her own and lives entirely on her own.

Friends of the professor’s neighbors volunteered to assist him clean up his house. Ann declined Christina and Adam’s offer to assist with landscaping.

An expensive fine was promptly issued to the old woman, which she could never hope to pay. After much deliberation, the locals decided to aid him nevertheless.

Many of their relatives and friends also came to support them. This partnership allowed the firm to begin operations.

Throughout the summer, they put in time at the office on the weekends and other free time. Three months went by before anybody figured out whose home it was!

New boards were used to cover the building, and repairs were made to the windows, porch, and surrounding environment.

Though she originally resisted, Ann came around and even befriended the aid workers. They’ve been paying him frequent visits.

Without her neighbors’ kindness, Ann undoubtedly would have spent more than $10,000 on much-needed repairs.

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