The Clements sisters are often regarded as «today’s most attractive twins»

In only one year, both of the Clements sisters were able to establish themselves as successful professionals. When they were just 7, the girls started modeling.

Some models could act differently with kids. The idea that child models are raised in a «normal» environment is disputed.

Ava and Leah Clements’ mother was the creative force behind their successful professional lives. Jacqui Clements, when her children were just a year old, signed up with a modeling agency.

But it was too taxing to look after three young children (the twins have an older sister) and yet go to the set and business meetings.

When the kids turned 7, Jacqui gave it another go. The idea of adding modeling to the twins’ repertoire alongside swimming and dancing was enthusiastically received. After then, a radical shift occurred.

After a year together, the Clements have changed drastically. When Jacqui called her old agency to let them know she and her twin were back, they were overjoyed to hear from her.

For their Instagram account, @clementstwins, Jacqui engaged a professional photographer. The girls’ Instagram account attracted over 830,000 followers in only a year.

Parents have developed a plethora of extra sites to market their daughters since the girls are so photogenic.Jacqui has a blog and a YouTube channel on guiding one’s own children into the modeling industry.

The women are professional fashion models. They caught the Barbie virus.

According to Jacqui, «it was not my decision, but theirs,» and «in the future, the girls themselves will pick what they want.»

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