The cat found the perfect location to keep warm

Road cats in Chuvash winters are known for their tomfoolery, and the Chuvash road cat was no exception.

In front of the voracious fleece tramp, the eager fleece tramp spotted a bread store counter full with unpackaged goods.

And since the mustaches were avidly devouring a $15.99 roll, one of the customers saw a clear violation of cleaning guidelines and began a furious assault on the culprit with a cellphone camera.

Be aware that the woman released the video to informal groups and received several responses from people who were self-convinced by her convictions.

City residents sided with the feline, pointing out that clean standards are ignored even in the absence of a feline at the business.

I feel bad for the fleece hoodlum, but the video’s maker is accurate. It’s a win-win situation. What do you think?

It’s worth noting that the overwhelming majority of respondents felt compelled to say that creating so many tales was necessary.

Everyone’s vulnerable, and we’re all in this together. Helping stray cats and dogs should be a priority for everyone. They’re always hungry in the city, and when they do catch anything, they tend to assume they’re unprotected.

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