The boy, all of 4, was hailed as a hero when he rescued his younger brother from drowning

He was rewarded for his bravery by having a fire truck named after him. A California boy of just four years old achieved heroic status after he saved the life of his drowning brother.

He was given the opportunity to ride in a fire truck as a reward for his courage.In the beginning of November. Mason Ochoa, aged 4, hung out with his folks in Los Angeles.

While gazing out the midday window, Mason learned that his younger brother Nicholas, then 1 year old, had accidentally fallen into the family pool.

Without hesitation, Mason went out to help his sibling. Soon after, Mason made a move. holding on to his sibling’s hand and trying to keep his head above water.

From the depths of his lungs, he cried out for rescue. The mother of the boys heard the commotion and sprinted to the pool to get Nikolai out.

When she saw that Nikolai wasn’t breathing and his face was red, she immediately demanded that her husband call for an ambulance.

Whenever you get here. Nikolai was revived and rescued from impending death due to asphyxia. As a result of the examination. The damage was minor, according to the doctors.

The local rescue team was really pleased with Mason’s quick wit and cowage.

Mason was invited to the fire station as a gesture of gratitude, where he got to drive a fire truck, turn on the water hose, and don a firefighter’s uniform.

After the incident, Mason was recognized for his courage and awarded the medal. After 14 years, the fire chief remarked that he would be delighted to have Mason join his team.

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