The beautiful cat with the crossed eyes yearned to be cherished and loved despite his outward look

Poorly cared-for, this odd cat was abandoned on the side of the road. The cat obviously required therapeutic care due to her extreme malnutrition.

People who were babysitting her out of kindness eventually took her to a shelter.

Oliva was the woman’s name, and she was the beneficiary of the volunteer girl’s temporary housing provision.

She immediately started taking care of Oliva, and as a result, Oliva began to grow and gain weight. It was the right direction, but Oliva would need a more long-term solution very soon.

Michonne, a local girl, noticed Oliva, who was looking for her, on her way to the pet store to buy a kitten. Both Michonne and the cat headed directly towards Oliva that day.

For her part, Michonne is still missing, and Oliva has begun her hunt.

Oliva loved her owner very much, and she knew she would be forever thankful to her for saving her life and providing for her needs.

On top of that, we need to always keep in mind that each animal is a unique creature with feelings and needs. Thankfully, the good and trustworthy cat located the female who could help him.

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