The Aroma on the cat’s glasses…what does it mean?

Since the advent of the Internet, Aroma the cat has risen in popularity to become one of the most sought after pets in the world.

Aroma is a typical housecat; her fur is patterned in a marquise pattern of black and white.

What was it that drew everyone here? An integral feature of the Aroma brand is the unique glasses that appear often in advertising.

When the cat was around six months old, its owner suggested that it start wearing spectacles.

Diana, while traveling through the woods on her route to a church camp, stumbled into the town of Aroma.

Diana chose to make the cat her business partner because of the cat’s high intellect and the simplicity with which it could be educated.

Diana runs a small optical shop that has a hefty youthful clientele.

Working with adults has less challenges than with kids.

After being recruited to star in an informational campaign, normal housecat Aroma rose to fame as one of the internet’s most famous felines.

Frequently, the kids would write letters or poems to Aroma. Aroma «repays a favor» to them because of the genuine love they have for this cat.

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