That the family pet can silence their newborn’s cries of anguish comes as a complete surprise to the parents

My, you are one cunning creature. Meet Bamboo, a happy and healthy two-year-old puppy residing in California with his doting human family.

This cute little boy never goes anywhere without his trusty yellow ball. His human mother gave birth to a human child not long after the dog joined the household.

The puppy’s attitude toward his mother suddenly shifted. After a while, he changed his behavior around her and became more attentive and concerned.

Bamboo slept next to her for hours on the couch. He stayed at her side the whole time. Astonished that such a little creature could possess any kind of intellect, the lady found the dog’s actions adorable.

As soon as the baby was delivered, the parents let the family dog a sniff around. When they got home from the hospital, their cat was waiting for them with open arms and a broad grin on its face.

Since the day they met, they haven’t spent a single night apart. Bamboo started caring for the boy as if he were his younger brother, and the two became inseparable.

He’s always prepared, so when the baby cries, he pulls out the cute toy he’s been carrying about and the baby immediately calms down.

The intelligent animal is successful in calming the worried child. The family’s amazement at their pet’s intellect is well founded.

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