That small kid is so lovely that many thought he was a female because of his abundant hair

Gary and Rachel Carters are Bobby’s parents in Lydiate, England. Bobby is a lovely and charming young man. The last scan they had of their newborn boy misdiagnosed him as a female.

The cute infant’s hair was too thick to braid. But when tiny Bobby was delivered, the nurses and physicians were taken aback by his fullness and lush hair.

Rachel, Bobby’s mom, says he’s frequently likened to «Wolverine» actor Hugh Jackman and «Ken Dodd» comic Hugh.

Additionally, because to his stylish and full mane, he is often mistook for a female. His mother washes and blow-dries darling Bobby’s hair at the barbershop to give him a fresh new look.

Even at 16 months old, he had a striking good looks and beautiful hair in these pictures.

The foreigners not only think he’s attractive, but they also think he could be a female. Even when they go to the grocery store, his mother says, he gets hundreds of remarks.

Even still, there are many who approach Rachel and request that she hold the child or pose with the star.

The bus riders love him, and his family considers him their favourite cartoon character. The modelling industry will eventually take notice of him.

This charming young man deserves nothing but the best in terms of future success and renown.

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