Take a look inside the home of a lady who has over 1,000 cats

She really’moved out’ of one of her bedrooms in order to give the kitties a bit more space.Our cuddly feline buddies are very important to this self-described «cat woman,» Lea.

A life spent fighting for animal rights and saving as many animals as she could was balanced by the knowledge that there were still innumerable creatures forced to live on the streets.

It was because of this that she took the choice to let a big population of stray cats into her 4,300 square foot house.

She really has over a thousand cats living in her house at any one time! The area is littered with cats.

As a result of Lea’s huge property, the kittens now have more space than they had before she’moved out.’

Despite the fact that her home has five bedrooms, Lea prefers to live in the modest trailer in her backyard.

As a result, she is surrounded by felines and enjoys living in a natural setting. About 30 years ago, Lea founded California’s largest free cat sanctuary.

There is little question that the shelter has had a positive impact on the lives of many cats throughout the years.

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