Take a look at this young lady, who has become an online sensation due to the thickness of her hair

Gabriella’s incredibly dense mane of hair has made her famous not just in her home Sofia, but all around the globe.Denise, a 33-year-old Sofia, Bulgaria native, just became a mother.

Yvonne, the oldest of her mother’s children, always wanted a brother so that she and he could experiment with different haircuts together.

She finally got what she wanted on April 30th, 2019. The name Gabriella has been chosen for the newborn girl.

Her birth with a luxurious mane of hair helped launch her to stardom. His family members dubbed her «Gaby,» and the media was quick to take notice.

A mother has set up an Instagram account for her kid and posts regular photos of her budding superstar.

Unlike other infants, Gabriella did not start life with a head full of hair. His head, on the other hand, was hidden behind a thick black mane. The girl matured, but her thick locks remained.

She insists that she does all in her power to prevent her kid from being pampered by the family’s affluence.

To that end, she utilizes nothing but the most cutting-edge, high-priced items for her age range.

On the other hand, the sibling of the Bulgarian «Rapunzel» was a perfectly healthy infant.

From the looks of her updated profile photo, Gabriella has blossomed in the last year. Shortly after giving delivery, the parents snapped the first official images.

Rapunzel’s mom answers reporters’ inquiries about her daughter’s personality and habits by saying that Denise was always obsessed with hot sauce.

Gaby relaxes every time she goes to the salon to have her hair washed. When asked about it, Rapunzel just laughs.

Due to the unusual nature of this miracle, the family had been used to the attention they received from strangers.

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