Take a look at the aftermath of the girl’s last-minute decision to cancel her role as a bridesmaid in her best friend’s wedding

The young woman was going to be in her best friend’s wedding, and she had offered to be a bridesmaid.

There was fun in Lauren’s plans. But even as she was getting everything ready for the party, she suddenly realized she was spending all of her money on her buddy.

She flatly declined to attend the party at the last minute. I mean, I get Lauren’s frustration; her buddy did make her cough up the cash for two tickets.

In North American custom, the maid of honor often pays for a small portion of the wedding. Whether it’s a little bracelet for the bride or bar tabs for a small group of pals.

Respect and affection may be easily shown in this manner.However, with Lauren, the circumstances were radically different.

The bride was shown to be quite the manipulative figure. Lauren was oblivious to the fact that she had bought the dress, shoes, and jewelry, helped plan the party tables, and covered the costs of her own hair and makeup.

Lauren did the math on the wedding costs the night before and was devastated. Roughly $4,000 was depleted by her spending spree. Furthermore, that wasn’t even her wedding!

Some thirty minutes later, the bride herself paid her a visit and broke the news that her family had chosen to charge guests to attend the wedding. And Lauren would be on the hook, too.

The last straw had been reached long before this. Right then and there, Lauren made the decision to not only skip her friend’s wedding but also cut off all contact.

Funny how the bride doesn’t seem to realize how much she hurt her pal. Humans’ capacity for empathy might be rather poor at times.

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