These mysterious sculptures are a great addition to the stunning Finnish scenery
Keep your eyes peeled if your next trip takes you wandering through the Finnish forests; you never know what kind of things you could find there. Kim Simonsson,
If all girls could play with Disney’s princesses, they would feel more accepted
No of your age, the Disney Princesses may act as role models for your child. They sent back images for a while, but they weren’t really fascinating and
Mom hopes her TWINS will be role models for other kids by spreading the idea of treating others with kindness and compassion
A year after racial unrest, a mother of mixed-race twins decides to bring them up in the belief that humanity would eventually learn to accept all people with
Grandma impart her wisdom on how to live to be 107 years old
We can now safely say that Grandma is 107 years old. Her study of what makes for a long and happy life revealed novel and important information. She
Alain Delon celebrated his 87th birthday this week. He was formerly known as «France’s Most Handsome Actor,» but he has since lost the distinction
People all across the globe paid homage to him on his 87th birthday, November 8th. Each of these actors began their careers in films such as Under the
A wedding photo from 1953 was in Grandma’s hands
It’s possible that the triggering event, no matter how long ago it happened, will always arouse a fleeting feeling. We may reflect on the highs and lows of
At age 73, Sigourney Weaver has become an international symbol
Many of Sigourney Weaver’s contemporaries have been held up as examples of how to become a successful Hollywood actress. Gorgeousness worthy of a fashion model and an air
The world’s most desirable women, or «living barbies,» are those who are still around today
These women used to be considered the epitome of beauty. They received attention from prominent media outlets and shows. They were swamped with requests for partnerships from well-known
The baby, at 13.5 pounds, was about the size of a toddler
If your baby reaches the size of a toddler at 13.5 pounds, you may have some issues. Mothers especially have reason to rejoice with the birth of a
Even though she was born with a unique genetic abnormality, model Melanie Gaydos has found great success in her career
There’s an untrue belief that those who work in the fashion and modeling industries must be physically beautiful. To the modeling business, models like Melanie Gaydos, who don’t
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