It’s time to find out why this bird has been dubbed «the most beautiful bird on Earth»

Male Mandarin Ducks’ shimmering head feathers make them very appealing.

These birds may be found in abundance across East Asia. Despite this, they feel at home in the United Kingdom, where they have resided for a considerable amount of time.

When ducks sent from China escaped into the wild and established a colony in the United States, hundreds of these extraordinary birds arose.

It’s quite rare to witness one of these animals in North America. If this occurs, everyone’s attention will be drawn.

Mandarin Ducks are only found in males’ habitats. Trevor is a well-known person in the Chinese duck breeding industry.

It is situated in the Canadian province of British Columbia. This magnificent bird often visits Burnaby and Deer lakes in the Vancouver suburbs.

Two years ago, this stunning duck was the talk of the town.

In the middle of the mallards, there was a brilliantly colored duck floating serenely.

His distinctive plumage in shades of purple, white, orange, and blue set him out from the crowd.

Trevor’s long-awaited reappearance in the area’s waters lately only served to confirm everyone’s anticipation and awe.

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