Spectacular species from all across the globe

When you look at the photographs of this pony, which has been dubbed «the most beautiful pony on the globe,» you realize just how mesmerizing creature life can be.

Frederik, as this magnificent horse is known, is from the Ozarks region of the central United States and is a large Friesian horse.

Known as the world’s most beautiful horse, it has the name of a Prussian monarch from the 17th century.

Frederik’s perfect wavy hair and attractive glossy black hair tone captivated the hearts of many through virtual entertainment.

Frederik’s adoring mother was informed that her son’s lovely, sensitive, and very appealing nature goes well with his respectable looks.

In 2016, when people started posting pictures of this 19-year-old hunk on the internet, he achieved internet fame.

The number of people who love Frederik continues to grow exponentially.

As one of the most amazing creatures on the earth, everyone loves him. Isn’t this gorgeous stallion really spectacular?

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