She’s the one with the highest cheekbones, and she just revealed her natural appearance

Anastasia, a model and blogger, has unnaturally wide cheeks and has posted images of herself before any of her cosmetic surgery.

The DailyStar has released the photographs from the now-defunct Instagram account. The lady in the images is wearing short, colorful shorts and a cropped, sports bra.

Her lightened-up hair color and unaltered features were both hallmarks of her appearance. The only visible change after the lip augmentation is the enhanced appearance of the lips.

The media has reportedly dubbed the lady «the world’s largest cheeks.» She was able to create this look by injecting a filler into her cheekbones on a daily basis, which made them seem excessively big.

The main character in this novel has had extensive cosmetic work done on her, including liposuction, veneers for her teeth, and Botox injections to smooth out her forehead and facial muscles.

The lady injected fresh filler into her face in April and posed for photos afterwards.

The blogger also said that she had previously attempted the treatment on her own with the help of online cosmetology courses.

The lady further stressed that she was confident and happy despite the manipulations that had been performed on her.

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