Shelter workers uploaded a picture of an abandoned puppy on social media to draw attention to the issue

XMichele Boggs caring for shelter animals. She abandoned many because of overpopulation. She sketched and wrote about a pet.

It’s awful to see people disregard their pets, exploit them for companionship or profit, then trash them.

You didn’t use someone else’s leash. Before bringing me to Rainbow Bridge, she removed my soiled, too-small collar.

What if I ate your sneaker? Floor had leather. Happy. Misplaced dog toys. Housetrained, would I be living alone? Scratching my nose made it worse.»

You may have trained me with books and obedience tutors. Without fleas, would I be here?

After days outside, I couldn’t get rid of fleas. Why did I scream? «I’m afraid, lonely, and here!» I’m your best buddy.

«What if I’d happy you? Being hit didn’t make me fight back. If you’d cared for me and taught me manners, would I still be home? You ignored me after the first week, but I waited for you to adore me.

Died today. Your dog, my heart Michele’s writing inspired shelter workers she knows. Every caregiver in the shelter wept. Others shared their farewell meal with a dog or kissed them. We all scream, «Yet they pay.» «They’re harmless.

«If you don’t believe this, you’re not living» Thousands die daily. «Send this to everyone, stop animal abuse!»

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