She still remembers and respects the man who rescued the hippopotamus despite the fact that it was 18 years ago

Jessica is one of the most well-known hippopotamuses in the world. Hundreds of documentaries have been made on her narrative, and many people want to see her in person. Take a closer look at this incredible creature today.

South Africa is where it all began, around 18 years ago. On the banks of the river, a baby hippopotamus was a constant presence.

He blossomed into his adult self under Tony Joubert’s guidance. As a result of disastrous floods in the region, the baby’s mother may have been swept away.

The animal was handed to the guy since it was unable to live on its own in the wild.

Jessica was the name of the person in question. They all cared for the infant, and it was a family affair. On Tony’s favorite river he discovered the animal, which had evolved sufficiently to be put back into the wild.

Jessica still makes frequent trips back to the house she grew up in, despite the fact that she no longer lives there.

Her tea drinking habits date back to her early childhood. Tony prepares his pet tea many times a day.

Jessica relishes the opportunity to socialize with and accept presents from guests, whilst Hippo seems entirely unconcerned.

For years, this narrative has been well-known across the world, and tour companies have set up tours where travelers may meet Jessica and Tony, who are always delighted to tell their incredible stories.

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